Community Manager Job Description

Collaborating Minds is looking for a Community Manager to manage and assist in executing the beta test of its platform and processes. Collaborating Minds (see description  and video) is a software platform and community for tackling difficult problems using a strong community of diverse thinkers.  The platform is now ready for a beta test and we are recruiting  and integrating a group of over 200 members for the launch.

Key responsibilities of the Community Manager

  1. Maintain the overall community development plan and assignments,
    1. Track progress and suggest adjustments as needed
    2. Set up key indicators of process health and track progress against them
  2. Execute key parts of the community development plan
  3. Participate in the recruiting of potential members
    1. Place posts in targeted locations to attract potential members
    2. Followup with potential members, and provide them with information in order to help them decide if they would like to  join
  4. Track interactions – Maintain the contact tracking system;  ensure that all interactions Community Manager has are documented, and also that other team members are documenting their interactions
  5. Community management  participate actively in the Cminds community and help to strengthen it
  6. Edit Member videoprofiles
  7. Oversee communication strategy and management – develop and execute strategies to communicate with:
    1. People who are working in the social collaboration space and,
    2. People who are interested in staying in touch with Cminds.
  8. Participate in other activities as they develop

Characteristics we are looking for

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Wide range of interests and familiarity with multiple academic fields
  • At home with software, online communities and digital tools (not as a programmer, but as a user)
  • Self-directed and smart.  Can work independently to set and meet deadlines

Who Community Manager will work with

The Community Manager will work with the founders of Cminds and with other members of the team.  He or she will also establish and maintain relationships with lots of interesting members and prospective members of Cminds.  As Cminds grows, the role can expand.


Ideally,  the Community Manager will be based in the Chicago area (where the core team members are) because we enjoy getting together physically sometimes (not only virtually).  However, we are good at remote collaboration (that’s our business!) so we can definitely work with someone in any location that makes it fairly easy to have convenient video conferences.


$15 per hour for 25-30 hours per week of work.

What to do next

If you are interested, contact .

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