Alpha test underway

We have launched the alpha test with about 15 participants. Some are well underway in working with the site and others will be active soon. The alpha testers are going through the deliberately thorough Membership Application and will soon be tackling the first problem-solving efforts and having their first community- and relationship-building opportunities. Thanks very much to all who have agreed to participate in this.

We are already learning a lot about what doesn’t work technically and in terms of information architecture, and are scrambling to apply what we know to make the phases of problem-solving and the community and relationship-building elements better. In response to what we are hearing, we are adjusting the site, which is built on the open source Drupal platform, with the support of Emanuel London who knows a lot more about Drupal than we do.

We’ll try to keep posting about the our progress.

Thanks again to all alpha testers!!


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