Some new “promotional materials”

Jim and I went to New York City a few weeks ago to meet some interesting people and to display Collaborating Minds at an event called Contact. It was mostly people building things that could enable better communication and collaboration, and was supported by the P2P Foundation, (that’s “peer-to-peer”). Both Jim and I got to meet some people we had only known through the Web, which was great. We also got a chance to share what we are doing in the event’s “trade fair” at lunchtime. And to be inspired by what other folks were doing both in terms of technical developments (e.g., tools to allow much more privacy online) and thinking about social organization (lots of discussion of how Occupy Wall Street — a few miles away — was operating and a great discussion about “the commons” and how to share what we can and must share).

In preparation for the event, we put together this presentation that describes what we are trying to do. So we thought we’d post it here too.

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