The recruiting strategy for Collaborating Minds beta

For the beta test, we are trying to recruit a group of 100-150 people from diverse backgrounds with the following characteristics.

  • ¬†Good at what they do
  • Like to help other people succeed and develop, and to be helped by others
  • Enjoy building relationships and eager to do even better
  • Avid problem solvers and want to learn more
  • Curious about the challenges out there in the world

To do this, we are mimicking how executive recruiters (headhunters) work — only scaled really scaled up. We are reaching out to 1) people we know and 2) people who we suspect would be interested in what we are doing and also know lots of other folks. We’re asking them if they’d be interested in participating in the beta test or if they know some other people who might be, or if “they know someone we should talk with about this because they’d find it intriguing”. It’s starting to work, as our first contacts begin passing us on to new prospects, and even some of our new prospects have suggested people that we should also bring in.

Eventually, we’ll add some “pull” to this “push” strategy, but for now we have following the hard grinding approach.

There was an interesting blog post on a similar topic recently by Richard Millington at Feverbee, who says anyone can build a community if they are willing to contact 40 people every day! Something for us to shoot for!

One Response to The recruiting strategy for Collaborating Minds beta

  1. Sean Murphy November 26, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    One strategy you seem to be neglecting is answering emails send to

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