The members of the team

David Friedman cropped

David Friedman is passionate about problem-solving and about relationship building as fundamental human activities. That’s why he’s developing Collaborating Minds. He wants people to be much more productive and enjoy themselves much more too. He writes about collaboration at Positive Structures. ¬†David was a partner at McKinsey & Company (a global consulting firm) and through his firm Bridgewell Partners has advised professionals on growing their practices through systematic relationship building. You can contact David¬†here.

Jim McGee
Jim McGee
is an expert in knowledge management and knowledge use. He also knows a lot about technology, and about where technology and knowledge work intersect (or should). That’s why he’s a founder of Collaborating Minds. He’s been writing about these topics since 2001 at McGee’s Musings. Jim was a founder of Diamond Technology Partners (a technology and management consulting firm) and has been, among other roles, a faculty member at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. You can contact Jim here.




Rachel KaberonRachel Kaberon is a committed learning and innovation leader with over 20 years of experience delivering impact and change. An avid collaborator, Rachel’s work as an analyst, model builder and facilitator of peer learning was what led her to join Collaborating Minds and soon sign on to the leadership team. She shares her thoughts on strategy, leadership challenges and learning from diverse perspectives across several blogs all accessible through Adjusting Sensibility. Rachel credits her experiences as a Vice President at Citibank leading cross-organization teams engaged in complex problem solving for the courage to go it alone. Since then she has advised on strategy, organizational design and planning challenges including implementation through her firm Arkay Solutions and served as an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Design at IIT incorporating design thinking into the public policy arena. You can contact Rachel here.

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