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Lessons learned from Collaborating Minds

  What is Cminds Collaborating Minds (Cminds) experimented in scaling and sustaining virtually a high-performing teams’ capabilities and success problem solving . Our efforts combine: Assembling diverse individuals with a set of common beliefs conducive to creating a high-performing team Strategically mixing asynchronous and synchronous software processes designed to : Facilitate team member interactions Structure […]

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Talking with each other, and noticing, and listening

Theodore Taptiklis thinks deeply about organizations. I encountered Taptiklis when we were reaching out to people around the world recruiting the beta testers for Collaborating Minds. Although Taptiklis chose not to join our efforts, I had a long and enjoyable conversation with him. He recommended a book* that compared the experience of his home country […]

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The steps in Collaborating Minds problem solving

As the moment of launching the structured problem-solving component of the Cminds beta nears, we want to share more about the logic of the problem-solving approach and how Cminds members will proceed through it. We hope the explanation will give members confidence their efforts will lead to results, even though how everything unfolds won’t be […]

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Give and Take – An introduction

Collaborating Minds is built on the foundation that people who give to each other will work better together. In Adam Grant’s Give and Take, published last year, Grant explores the conditions under which giving propels success and the different giving styles that exist. Different giving styles yield different kinds of outcomes, and over different time […]

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Structures that build community

  Last week I heard two examples of very similar structures (action learning and TEC/Vistage groups) that seem to generate a high degree of interpersonal involvement among participants. There is, I think, some learning possible for the design of Collaborating Minds. In each case, participants get together to get help on something they are doing […]

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A favorite collaboration

One of the inspirations for Collaborating Minds is a project called Polymath. Some people have been asking about it lately so I’m updating an old blog post I wrote a few years ago for Positive Structures, a blog where I think about personal and organizational structures that can make a positive difference (like Collaborating Minds, […]

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