Beta Launch – Phase 1, Problem 1 – 4 Days Left Instructions

Round 1 on the Schools problem will be ending at 9pm (Chicago time GMT-5) on Monday, October 13. Many of you have visited the site since the problem was posted on September 30th, and some of you have made some contributions and marked that you are “Done”.

Based on the activity to date, we sense some members may be having difficulty;

  1. Finding or reviewing all the background information, and
  2. Selecting opportunities to respond

Once you have opened the problem (try this link) , the following screen appears.

Clicking the video(indicated here by the blue arrow) provides you a description of the options on this overview page. Clicking the first yellow button (with the red arrow here), opens the “Understanding the Problem” page which contains more detailed background information and opportunities for your responses. 

The “Understanding the Problem” page, shown below, includes written instructions…

…and a link to video instructions (orange button highlighted here with orange arrow) at the bottom of the written instructions.

Be sure to scroll down the page to locate the mult-tabbed Background on the Problem, shown below. Clicking the individual tabs down the left side of the display (the red arrow points to the first one) opens up further details for your review on the right. 

To respond, in the course of your review, scrolll up to locate the area marked with the blue box (which is illustrated below).

Clicking any of these four buttons opens a pop-up window where you may respond — just be sure to hit save before you close the box. 

When you are done — even if you’ve done nothing else at all — click on “I’m done”, note your status, and save. That way we’ll know that you’ve seen all this and done what you are planning to do. 

If you have any questions, please contact or (especially this weekend of October 10-12)

We’ll try to help you out.

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