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The steps in Collaborating Minds problem solving

As the moment of launching the structured problem-solving component of the Cminds beta nears, we want to share more about the logic of the problem-solving approach and how Cminds members will proceed through it. We hope the explanation will give members confidence their efforts will lead to results, even though how everything unfolds won’t be […]

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Give and Take – An introduction

Collaborating Minds is built on the foundation that people who give to each other will work better together. In Adam Grant’s Give and Take, published last year, Grant explores the conditions under which giving propels success and the different giving styles that exist. Different giving styles yield different kinds of outcomes, and over different time […]

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Dunbar’s Number and High Performance Teams

I sometimes describe Collaborating Minds as an effort to create the world’s largest high performance team. We believe that we will need about 500 members to have sufficient diversity in terms of expertise and knowledge. How are we thinking about size and scale as we design this? There are multiple aspects of scale to consider; here I want […]

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We’re back

We’ve been away for quite a while since the last post.  In the last few months though, Jim and I have been working hard on getting the site ready for the Beta test.   We are almost there, with a great deal of improvement in how things work.  In particular, I’m proud that we have […]

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Collaboration, games, and the real world

We’ve been thinking a lot about hard problems that need multiple people collaborating to make a dent in solving them. There’s no shortage of problems to choose from. This TED video from Jane McGonigal makes a persuasive case that we need to invest some more time looking at the world of online gaming for insight. […]

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