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Reinventing Discovery Nielsen cover

Reinventing Discovery and Collaborating Minds

My work on collaboration has been greatly influenced by the Polymath project in 2009.  In the first Polymath project (there have been more since) mathematician Tim Gowers asked if there was a way for mathematicians to do research together.  He proposed on his blog to test the idea by trying to shed some light on a problem […]

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Getting ready for relaunch

We’ve had a number of conversations with alpha testers and with others that suggested it was an opportune moment for redoing the site and relaunching – perhaps as a beta test. Jim and I thought it was a good time to catch people up on what’s been going on and what we are thinking about […]

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Alpha test underway

We have launched the alpha test with about 15 participants. Some are well underway in working with the site and others will be active soon. The alpha testers are going through the deliberately thorough Membership Application and will soon be tackling the first problem-solving efforts and having their first community- and relationship-building opportunities. Thanks very […]

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Some new “promotional materials”

Jim and I went to New York City a few weeks ago to meet some interesting people and to display Collaborating Minds at an event called Contact. It was mostly people building things that could enable better communication and collaboration, and was supported by the P2P Foundation, (that’s “peer-to-peer”). Both Jim and I got to […]

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David Friedman’s Profile

We wanted to show you what kinds of questions we’ll be asking prospective members. To begin with, we’ll start with David Friedman and Jim McGee’s answers to the questions. It’s a way of letting you know what we’ll be asking of people and also of letting you know more about who we are.  Here’s David’s. […]

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