Compensation and recognition


Members will be compensated based on their contribution to the problem that they are working on. The more significant their contribution, the larger share of the compensation they’ll get.

Members will have different motivations for participating and hence want rewards and recognitions of different types. We offer four kinds of compensation:

  • Cash
  • Contribution to a charity of your choice
  • Contribution to a charity of our choice
  • Opportunity to take no compensation and donate your share to the growth and upkeep of the network

Members can choose on each problem how they want to be compensated.

Recognition for community building

We recognize participants based on how much you contribute to the growth and development of people in the community on problems and issues other than ones presented by clients.  The way to win credit and reputation in our community will be by helping other people with their problems and issues. It’s also the way to make the network work much better for our clients and work much better for you.

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