The problems we solve

Collaborating Minds cracks hard problems and captures challenging opportunities.

What kind of problems?

  • Problems that are new to you, so you have never solved them before. Maybe you have new aspirations, or maybe you face new threats or challenges.
  • Problems that are longstanding, recalcitrant, intractable ; you’ve tried many approaches and haven’t succeeded with them
  • Problems that you know call for something new — a new strategy, a new service, a new product, a new business model — but you don’t know what that something new is
  • Where you need a solution fast and your current approach just isn’t going to cut it. You are way behind schedule, way over budget, or just stuck.

What kinds of opportunities?

  • Where something hasn’t changed in a long time (usually because everyone in the field takes it as a given, just assumes it). Looking from multiple perspectives with fresh eyes makes a difference.

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