Interested in being part of the team?

Cminds is looking to build the world’s largest high performance team. We’ll be a diverse group of people with particular characteristics that let us work together well. We’re looking for some special people to work part-time with us:

  • Good at what they do
  • Like to help other people succeed and develop, and to be helped by others
  • Enjoy building relationships and eager to do even better
  • Avid problem-solvers and want to learn more
  • Curious

We offer you:

  • An incredible group of people to work with (the kind most people are lucky to find once in a career)
  • The chance to successfully tackle very challenging social and business problems
  • A unique marriage of problem-solving and community
  • Rewards and recognition for your contributions

To participate, you must be free to share your thinking, typically on issues outside your normal field, without restrictions with respect to intellectual property.

Curious? Want to know more? Contact and we’ll be in touch with you.

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