Making a mind of minds

Collaborating Minds solves hard social and business problems for clients and provides a uniquely rewarding experience for our carefully selected members. By carefully crafting our community and organization, we create value for our customers and capture some of that value for ourselves.

A “Bigger Brain for Problem-Solving” –the view from outside

Collaborating Minds is, in one view, a “much bigger brain for problem-solving”. If you prefer a picture, we’ve got one here.

Here’s how the brain works (very simplified).

Neurons are the raw material. Neurons link together is particular ways based on their biology and the environment they’re  in and create a “thinking organ” that is a system.  A system is:

A whole that consists of parts, each of which can affect its behavior and performance, where each of the parts (when it affects the other parts) is dependent on the other parts. A system cannot be divided up into its independent parts without destroying it.

Our analogy. We take carefully selected people with brains (and hearts) that can be very effectively linked by the linking tools we have designed and created. Each member is our “neuron” Our “neurons link” together by taking advantage of:

  • An online tool for both problem-solving and community strengthening
  • A carefully cultivated diversity of perspectives and attention to how to communicate across disciplines and perspectives
  • A specific organizational culture,
  • A set of attitudes we have about each other and
  • A set of behaviors we want to (and do) follow with each other.

The performance our “bigger brain” generates is great insights that help solve hard problems.

A caring, exciting, and learning community  – the view from inside

The “neuron’s –eye view”.  From the perspective of an individual member, Collaborating Minds is a place where:

  • Other members care about your success, growth and development, and help you with your own challenges
  • You can work enjoyably with others on challenging problems (you like to do this or you wouldn’t be part of Collaborating Minds)
  • You can help people  with their own challenges (you this too, or you wouldn’t be part of Collaborating Minds)
  • You can learn and grow by being exposed to other people and new problems

Only a certain kind of person can be a neuron – the view from the “synapses”

Our linking system is specifically designed to link people with certain characteristics. Not everyone has these characteristics, nor should they. But people with these characteristics will be by far the most productive members of this system and will be the only ones that will enjoy being part of it.

  • Good at what they do and very interested in other problems
  • Like to help other people succeed and develop, and to be helped by others
  • Enjoy building relationships and eager to do even better
  • Avid problem-solvers and want to learn more
  • Curious

If a member is this kind of person, he or she will flourish in our system – providing what the other members need and giving him or her a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction and growth. If a member isn’t this kind of person, then our system won’t be able to link him or her well with the other “neurons” and we won’t get the system effects we need and they won’t have much fun.



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