Collaborating Minds is a unique problem-solving team. We tackle hard problems and members experience the joy of working together spectacularly well.


  • To successfully tackle the most challenging social and business problems
  • To be as committed to the growth, development and success of each other as we are to solving tough problems
  • To provide members an unparalleled experience of collaborative work
  • To constantly improve the state of the art of collaborative problem-solving
  • To make every project “the project of a lifetime.”

A little more about us

  • We are a unique online community that solves hard problems with insight
  • Our members are from around the world and link together on a proprietary structured problem solving and social platform and through a culture and set of behaviors and expectations
  • We are a business, but first a community. Our connected network will create a great deal of value (and as a business we’ll capture some of that).
  • Our process is as important to us as our results. We know that, paradoxically, focusing on our process will lead to great results.
  • We are looking for the right people (with all of these characteristics)
    • Good at what they do
    • Like to help other people succeed and develop, and to be helped by others
    • Enjoy building relationships and eager to do even better
    • Avid problem-solvers and want to learn more
    • Curious
    • Passionate about the question “What can we do together that we cannot do separately?”
    • Not unduly restricted by their employer’s concerns about intellectual property
    • Willing to participate in 4-8 hours per month of mind-expanding, thought-providing, valuable to self and others fun.
    • Who think this is an idea worth trying!!
  • We know that we can improve what we are doing.  We want you to help us make our work together increasingly effective.


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