The culture we want to have

The key values of our culture

  • To be each committed to the growth, success and development of the other members of Collaborating Minds. If we don’t know them, we will act to know them over time. The key actions we take with each other are to learn (about ourselves, the other person, how/when we interact well or poorly with them) and to respond to each other based on our knowledge and our commitment
  • To give to each other – that’s how trust grows
  • To understand and deal with each other as whole people (not just as professionals or problem solvers). We want to explore the non-job aspects of the other people.
  • To acknowledge that none of us always does what we aspire to. So we are open to trying again and trying to do better
  • To mourn losses, not evade them. When something hasn’t gone right – even if it’s noone’s fault – share it with others so people can acknowledge what has happened.
  • To accept that this community and project (and most of us), like most good things, will proceed two steps forward, one step back. Few people can live up to these values without some backsteps – so let’s expect it, live with it, and be gentle with each other about it.
  • To adjust as experience or changing circumstances suggest or require. We look forward to learning as we go.
  • To listen actively, so we avoid the most dangerous communications mistake — of thinking we understand what someone means when we are way off the mark
  • To be patient.
  • To be honest
  • To trust
  • To hope
  • To have courage – you cannot anticipate how this will turn out, and how it will affect you, and that’s a wonderful thing.

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