The results we want to achieve

Cminds wants to achieve results for its clients and for its members.

Clients’ results

Each client will get several good ideas for addressing the problem presented. We won’t limp over the finish line with one possible solution, but will generate multiple good alternatives and help the client select among them. One inspiration is theĀ  “barometer story” that demonstrates how many good solutions there often are for any problem.

If the client wants our help in implementing the solution, then we are prepared to do that too.

Results for our members

  • Members will build relationships with an outstanding group of fellow problem-solvers (we make sure that members get connected with each other).
  • Members can get help on their own problems/ issues from the diverse, prescreened network.
  • Members get a chance to help others in the network.
  • Members see and learn new ways of solving problems – which will be documented in our problem-solving library but more importantly will be shown in action when used by other members.
  • Members will be exposed to new ideas about how to build and strengthen relationships.
  • Compensation and recognition

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